Our Story

The Chef - Andrea Beccaceci

It was the end of the 1800s in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Because of a lack of fine-dining and hospitality in the area, guests began travelling from miles around to stay at the Beccaceci family hotel in Giulianova. A generation later in 1922 Pasquale Beccaceci’s son Andrea married Anna Sabalini, and shortly afterwards they opened, near the railway station, the first bar/restaurant in the area. After several changes of address the family (now with several more children) settled at 28 Via Zola and their fish cuisine’s excellent reputation spread throughout the region. The family have always worked hard to perfect and improve their menu through many generations, Andrea Beccaceci (the current Andrea) trained with his mother and father as a boy. He is responsible for the mouthwatering selection of dishes you are presented with today at Acquolina in Bocca

The Idea

From London to Paris, lubricated by the produce of the countless vineyards of France, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina and many of the world’s other top wine producers, Andrea and Giuseppe Mascoli experimented. They experimented with food, with menus, with traditional recipes and with modern twists. Their priorities quickly settled on providing authentic Italian cuisine from fresh produce, combined with organic and home-grown ingredients wherever possible. The Pescara region of Italy provided much inspiration for their re-invented menu.

The Design

While Acquolina in Bocca’s story dates back to the late 18th century, Enzo Apicella’s impressive 94 years provide some tough competition for this feat – not to mention some fine artwork too. The London-based artist, cartoonist, designer and restaurateur designed all of our menus and artwork, and as a self-confessed autodidact (we had to look it up too – good thing we have wifi!) we can’t really argue his claims to these titles.